Colour Coated UPVC Conservatories


Wheter you have a new conservatory or an old conservatory which needs some colour, we can provide a range of colours to suit your needs.  We use only the best paints and upvc spraying techniques to give you a top quality high standard finish.  No matter the style or size we are happy to help.

Coloured Conservatories


Colour PVC-u Ltd are leading the way when it comes to Colouring the most stylish and luxurious conservatories in the area.

Whether you want a conservatory for a living room, garden room, breakfast room, playroom or even an office, you'll soon come to realise that it is truly a room for all seasons and you'll wonder how you ever did without a conservatory in colour.


We offer an increasingly wide range of colours -from Ral, BS, Dulux, Crown and the increasingly more popular Farrow & Ball Colour Range. or, you bring in a colour swatch and we will match it! From traditional to contemporary colours, you can rely on us to take you from the initial concept to the finished product!


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