The doorways to your home make a clear statement about you and your individual taste. They set the style for the rest of your property. Welcoming and inviting your guests, they create an instant and lasting impression.


We can spray multiple different styles of doors including -


  • Composite Doors

  • UPVC Doors

  • PVCU Doors

  • UPVC French Doors

  • UPVC Patio Doors

  • UPVC Interior Doors


Bespoke Coloured UPVC Doors, Coloured Doors
Coloured UPVC French Doors, Bespoke UPVC Composite Doors
Sprayed UPVC Interior Doors, Colour Coated Composite Doors

Coloured UPVC Doors and Door Frames


Coloured Doors - We can provide a really unique and stand out finish to your doors which not only looks good but also keeps the doors clean and gives them a lot more protection and durability.  We can finish your UPVC Frames, GRP Composite Doors and the UPVC Doors themselves.


Give your Doors a splash of colour today!

We are based in Darlington, Durham, North East Enlgand but are happy to send and recieve jobs anywhere in the UK.