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Coloured UPVC Window Frames, Bespoke Coloured Windows
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The options are simple and the choice is yours! If you manufacture yourselves you just provide us with welded ‘virgin’ frames i.e. free of handles, hinges, and particularly post-applied [non co-ex] gaskets - and free of grease or silicone contamination.

Any frames that have been fully assembled and then dismantled may well be contaminated. In such circumstances, we cannot guarantee to achieve our usual high standard of finish and additional preparation charges may well be incurred. We prefer you to supply us with the glazing beads in bar-length if these are required. We recommend that all frames are fully re-inforced.

As a specialist re-colour processor we do not generally fabricate or supply prime product.


If you normally buy-in your finished product, we will be happy to discuss these supply requirements with your Trade Fabricator – or, if we are outside their delivery area, we can surely put you in touch with a Trade Fabricator, familiar with our requirement who competitively fabricates the same system profile.


We request your company order, giving full details of the size and design of your product - a minimum of 7 days prior to product arrival. Your order must provide clear instructions upon the colour chosen, finish required and the surfaces to be processed.


You will receive an order confirmation with an expected completion date.  Once coloured, your products will be wrapped for your collection.

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Bespoke Coloured UPVC Windows


Add a touch of class to your property or establishment with our range of Coloured Windows, we can create a bespoke style to suit your needs.  Our services include upvc window colour coating, glass spraying, window frame spraying and much more.  Once your virgin frames have been delivered to us they will be ready for collection within 7 - 10 working days. Subject to the colour required samples are dispatched within 3-4 days. In an emergency, subject to quantity a 48 hour turn-round can be arranged.